Knitting and Noir

Since posting about my beginnings as a knitter last autumn, I’ve been quietly honing my technique and it now more than ever feels like a good decision to have learnt this new skill.  So far my catalogue of completed projects includes a striped scarf, a hat, a cardigan and a sweater.  All are wearable though far from perfect. 

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that I’m a tight tension knitter.  My cardigan was intended as a loose, oversized garment but has come out looking more like an eighteenth century fitted frock coat.  In fact this rather pleases me – its closer to my natural style to be more ‘Poldark’  than practical and it works beautifully, layered with shorter jackets in contrasting textures like denim and leather.

So, faced with an enforced indoors lifestyle, I picked up a new project.  I was lucky enough to be presented with a Wool and the Gang sweater kit last Christmas and now was the time to use it. The Sonic sweater was a dream to knit, the instructions simple and supported by some excellent online videos. I managed to knit it over 5 non-consecutive afternoons and the slow and steady pace was perfect for me. It is in a super thick yarn and knitted on very large needles (that will make excellent cricket stumps in the summer) but despite the open weave texture it is surprisingly warm. I had so much fun I’m already planning my next project – the Coco Sailor Sweater has caught my eye for summer.

I have also practised enough now that I am able to knit and watch a movie at the same time.  This is an excellent trick and I’ve been working my way through the Bogart and Bacall films noir, clicking away with my needles as Bogie shoots and Bacall smoulders through every frame.  Come to think of it, there may lie the explanation for my tension as a knitter.

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