Percher hats – an easy-to-wear shot of elegance


Percher hats are usually small and light and secured by covered elastic to the nape of the neck.  As daywear they bring instant pzzazz – see Gucci’s AW 16-17 ad campaign that pairs a black percher with an 80s style suit in Times Square.

For evening they can sizzle with glamour with the addition of veiling and some sparkle.  If in doubt, check out Woody Allen’s latest, Café Society for the classic Hollywood take.  They also convey something of the Air France hostess – when air travel was still something for which you actually dressed.

This is a vintage hat, revamped with a little modern embellishment.  Easy to wear – just decide which side of your head to tip them and adjust to the best angle for maximum effect.  If its good enough for Alessandro Michele at Gucci, its good enough for me.

#LHW London Hat Week 6-12 October 2016



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