Manolo: the ultimate book


First we had the summer mania for flats, sandals or espadrilles with ankle laces and now the trend continues into autumn with shoes inspired by the ghillie brogue.  Inspired by a Scottish Highland dancing shoe, in their original form they have a practical purpose: enabling the shoe to dry more quickly and the laces to remain mud-free.

Manolo Blahnik’s version is unlikely to experience the rigours of a highland trek but could be entirely suited to dancing.  Earlier this month Rizzoli published what may be the definitive book celebrating Blahnik’s shoe design genius: Manolo Blahnik: Fleeting Gestures and Obssessions.  It is a treasure of a book, including perspectives from fans and collaborators ranging widely from film director Pedro Almodovar to Cambridge Professor, Mary Beard.

There is even talk of a documentary to follow – can we be that lucky?  Blahnik’s screen persona (seen in an installation at the recent Shoes: Pleasure and Pain show at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum) shows him to be a natural, projecting his ebullient enthusiasm and huge character as if he were talking face-to-face.  Manolo, the documentary?  Now that would be something to dance about.


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