How to do autumnal romanticism (2): the accessories


If you are as smitten as I with the sense of romanticism in this autumn’s fashion, then you will already be planning the appropriate wardrobe.  You may even, like the Lady of Shalott (above) have equipped yourself with a candelabra for your rowing boat.  Having made that essential purchase though, you might be wondering what else is needed to accompany your billowing poet blouse, chunky aran jumper or vibrant printed dress and, crucially, keep these items looking modern.  The accessory is the vital ingredient and here are a few suggestions.

20150809_161436A serious pair of boots can stop a romantic look tipping over the edge into nostalgia.  Over-the-knee boots (especially suede), knee-high boots, sixties block heel ankle boots, or even a classic biker boot will do the trick.

Silk scarves are definitely having a moment.  They are fine in early autumn but not very warm when the temperature drops, so then entwine them with a chunky knitted scarf in a toning or clashing colour.

20150411_102545A structured handbag can help to elevate and modernise a bohemian look.  A boxy shoulder bag in suede or leather; a chain-handled bag; or a frame handbag will work nicely.  Leopard or other animal prints can also add an interesting counterpoint to other prints or textures.

This autumn the beret is the hat to have. I have written before about my love for Benoit Missolin’s black beret.  I will not be parted from this item.

So equipped and ready, Bohemia here I come.

Picture credit: John William Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott on display at Tate Britain.


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