The pleasure of ribbon and reading deferred


As if my shelves weren’t overflowing with fashion tomes, I couldn’t resist adding another: Virgule etc: in the footsteps of Roger Vivier from the publishers of all that is gorgeous, Rizzoli. It came, tied with a simple ribbon, presented like a precious gift.

So for a week now, it has sat like that in my room. It looks so pretty that I haven’t wanted to break the seal. Every so often, I look at it and think about untying it and satisfying my curiosity about the contents of the book. Then I decide to defer that pleasure just a little longer.

I will eventually open it and enjoy the book. Until I do, I’ve been enjoying the anticipation of its contents as much as the sight of the book, tied in its bowtie.  Reports of the death of print media are most definitely exaggerated: nothing can replace the enjoyment of a really beautiful book.

Soon my shelves will be buckling even more as Rizzoli publish Manolo Blahnik’s new book, Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions, in September.  Then in November, they will present us with Olivier Saillard’s The Impossible Wardrobe, based on his 2012 collaboration with Tilda Swinton reflecting on the influence of fashion over the last 200 years.  Just the thing to brighten up autumn evenings as the nights draw in.


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