Advanced hat-wearing


Some clothing can be worn passively. You put it on, stop thinking about what you are wearing and get on with other things. Other items of clothing demand a bit more though.

R20150614_155604ecently I’ve had something of a hat obsession and I put this down to time spent poring over Ariel de Ravenel and Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni’s wonderful book, Lou Lou de la Falaise. Lou Lou really wore hats – she didn’t just put them on her head, she actively wore them and my favourite images from the book are of her doing this.


Whether it is delivering the full-beam attitude that befits a magnificent flamenco hat, a gesture to draw attention to a perky boater, or careful angling of a felt brim, in every case she breathes life into the hat, embodying it with her force of personality.

Lou Lou was a style virtuoso, perfectly combining all kinds of accessories to original and always beautifully-judged effect. I am determined to learn the skill of active hat-wearing and as a first step, I’ll be returning to CA4LA, but this time with feeling.


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