Colour fever


May is the month when natural colour seems to reach fever pitch and there are few combinations that compare with lilac and green as far as I’m concerned.  Seeing lilacs, bluebells and irises coming into bloom really inspires me.20150503_141640

I love finding these colours combined in tweeds, patterns, print and especially in jewellery.  I’ve written before about the amazing Blue Dolphin Jewellery shop on the Greek island of Hydra, run by Anthony and Isabelle Nikolaidis.  The first time I ever entered their shop, I encountered a “love at first sight” moment with a pair of earrings in exactly this colour combination.   They weren’t precious (at least in the financial sense) but their byzantine exuberance, combining amethyst and agate cabochon stones with tiny seed pearls, overwhelmed me and I fell for them.  They remain favourites that come out again and again when I need a lift.

20130503_182354Out walking with my companion once, I pointed out this colour combination and how beautiful I found it.  Curiously, I asked him whether the combination had a similarly inspirational effect on him.  “Oh yes!” he said, “they’re the colours of Wimbledon”.    


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