The dressing room of your dreams (certainly of mine…)


This, according to Hermes, represents the dressing room of the Flaneuse, a woman content to take the time to notice her surroundings, dawdling to smell the flowers, dream, explore….

We are invited to join her at Hermes’s ‘Wanderland’ at the Saatchi Gallery on King’s road in London (until 2 May). As usual with Hermes’s thoughtful exhibitions, it gives some sense of the way the company draws inspiration for its products from its collection of antiques and unusual objects as well as the contemporary world and the arts.


Appropriately enough we embark on a journey, starting with the classics: Jean Seberg in “A Bout de Souffle” just to get us into the right frame of mind.

Next we are equipped with our walking cane and encouraged, Fred Astaire-like, to dance it through the streets.


As we go, we encounter others in the street who stop to talk, a square where time stands still, and come to a café of found objects where time literally does not exist during dejeuner.


In this world, even the graffiti artist is luxuriously kitted out….


As is the scooter-rider de luxe(!)

What is it all about? Perhaps it is telling us that what the Flaneuse truly appreciates is that sometimes perception counts for as much as reality, and viewing the world as a source of wonder and possibility illuminates tired eyes.


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