Christmas Pearls: Encrustacean


Fashioning Winter’s White Perspectives display, curated by Sofia Hedman and Serge Martynov contains a Maison Martin Margiela kimono-style jacket, entirely encrusted with mother-of-pearl buttons. Its an eye-catching and very beautiful piece and one would imagine that it would be extremely flattering to wear, reflecting and refracting light back onto its wearer.

It recalls Kunihiko Morinaga’s “Folded Jacket” and “Full Metal Jacket” from his 2007-08 Anrealage collections celebrating the obsessive nature of craftsmanship. The former is encrusted with 5,000 white buttons, the latter with no less than 15,000 gold-coloured buttons. Morinaga himself was inspired as a student by Maison Martin Margiela’s conceptual designs and by the motto, “God is in the details”.

One can’t help wondering just how many spare buttons these jackets might come with……


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