Fashioning Winter begins!

Somerset House in London is about to begin an innovative new fashion exhibition celebrating some of the ways that winter has inspired fashion through the years.  From practical gear for skiing and skating to the fairytale fantasies of McQueen and Galliano, the challenges and romance of winter weather have thrown down the gauntlet to designers through the decades.  Who hasn’t had the experience of staring grimly from the window at (yet another) day of rain and wind and wondered how to maintain some semblance of style whilst keeping warm and dry?

As a fashion fan, I’d always intended to visit this exhibition but what I hadn’t expected was that I’d actually become involved. As an exhibition volunteer I’ll be spending afternoons there, exploring the nine separate installations around Somerset House, and helping other visitors enjoy it too.  How does the exhibition turn out in the end?  How does it evolve?  What do visitors make of it? What might it inspire?

That’s what this blog will be about.

Fashioning Winter is at Somerset House from 11 November 2014 to 11 January 2015.  See


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